BHGRE Focusing the House Hunt Focusing the House Hunt Finding the right place is the most difficult step in the home buying process. Keep these things in mind to help hone your search. NEW (NOT FOREVER) HOME First-time buyers might want to look for a starter home (length of stay: three to five years) instead of their dream home, so […]
BHGRE How to Use Wellness and Healthy Lifestyles to Attract Luxury Homebuyers Luxury homebuyers purchase a fabulous lifestyle as well as a home. Agents who recognize the lifestyle preferences of these discerning buyers can corner this lucrative niche market. Discover how to use wellness and healthy lifestyles to attract, and sell homes, to high-end house hunters who know how they want to live. Glorious Gardens Expansive properties […]
BHGRE Six Qualities Found in the Best Real Estate Agents People from all walks of life take a course and pass the real estate agent state exam. But this is only the beginning. A successful career in real estate requires more than education, licensing, and a desk at an office. The leading real estate agents know the secrets to success. Discover the six qualities the […]
BHGRE Choosing the Best Smart Garden Gadgets The best garden tools for your new planting resolutions are likely to include those controlled or monitored by your smartphone. It doesn’t mean that you won’t be getting your hands dirty as you create a thriving backyard oasis or terrace container garden. However, it does mean that your forays can be much more efficient, and […]
BHGRE This Weekend’s Open Houses! Take a look at all of our Open Houses being held this weekend:  
Chattanooga The Challenge of Pricing in a Market Shift THE CHALLENGE OF PRICING IN A MARKET SHIFT: Here’s a few thoughts from our Team Leader, Jeremy Callahan on what happens in a local real estate market like what we’re seeing in the Greater Chattanooga area. – In a sellers market, buyers tend to dwell in the past and sellers in the future. Sellers want […]
Chattanooga Chattanooga Area Food Bank Donation Challenge We did it! We are so grateful for each of our agent partners who donated money, non-perishable goods, or their time to support our donation campaign benefitting the Chattanooga Area Food Bank! The staff at CAFB came out to greet us, and they were so thankful for what we had accomplished with so many families […]
Chattanooga Chattanooga Lookouts Moving to South Broad District Big News! We’re getting new neighbors in the South Broad District – The Chattanooga Lookouts are getting a new home! More than 100 acres of the long-neglected U.S. Pipe and Wheland Foundry sites “will begin transforming into a world-class live-work-play district that will generate more than $40 million for schools,” Hamilton County Mayor Jim Coppinger […]
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